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Our patients are very satisfied with their Snap on Dentures!

Posted by Master SOD

Snap on Dentures is popular dental implant treatment for people who have lost all or most of their teeth! They stay in place with the help of up to 8 mini implants. They differ from other similar implant denture options in USA because those only use 2 to 4 implants for anchoring. We use a larger number to ensure even distribution of pressure from biting and chewing. 

This is what one of our patients said about getting this procedure done with us.



Doctor: She’s Bertha from Fort Meyers, how are you doing?
Bertha: I’m doing great!
Doctor: Wow! You look spectacular with your teeth!
Bertha:I love them! New teeth! Wonderful!
Doctor: Oh thank you!
Bertha:I would recommend you to anyone!
Doctor: Aw, thank you sweetie, you are so kind and also I wanna thank you for looking for us on Real Self because that’s how you find us. On Real Self. And everything came out the way you had expected.
Bertha:Better than I expected!
Doctor: Thank you!
Bertha:I am really happy.
Doctor: Thank you, thank you. Also all the staff the team was a great support for you. They answered all your questions?
Bertha:Yes, oh yes! Overwhelming. They are all so nice!
Doctor: Oh thanks that’s important.
Bertha:And also you here just a couple of days, we did Snap in Dentures on lowers and you look spectacular.
Everybody has been very, very nice.
Doctor: Nice.
Bertha:Yes, and I came all alone.
Doctor: What did they told you about Cancun?
Bertha:It’s been great!
Doctor: We received millions of Americans and Canadians that they come every year in Cancun. They have a really amazing time, in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Well, thank you Bertha from Fort Meyers.
Bertha:You are welcome!
Doctor: You look spectacular. Give me a smile!
Bertha:Thank you!
Doctor: Ay, ay, ay! You look spectacular! Big hugs to Florida! 1800-961-0419