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Snap on Dentures are the answer for your dental problems.

Posted by Master SOD

You might have heard of implant dentures in USA costing over $40,000 USD. Sadly, the cost of dental health services in the States have skyrocketed and now is forcing people in need to find an alternative. Luckily for your you, you have just found one of the most affordable solutions to restore your mouth.  An implant removable denture like this one uses 8 mini implants to provide great primary stability.


These mini implant dentures will change your life in only 8 days during your vacation in Cancun. Our doctors have improved the concept of affordable implant dentures by using 8 mini implants per arch of Snap on Dentures. These mini implants will provide the anchoring and stability that you were looking for to smile and eat confidently, making them the perfect choice for patients that have few or not teeth left. You will be able to eat solid foods again without the need of worrying about shifting dentures or pain. We have helped hundreds of American and Canadian patients. Our doctors are experts and specialists on dental implants; they speak English so they can explain to you every detail of your treatment. These cost up to 70% less than other dental implant treatments in USA.


One of the most important things with our implant solution is the great anchorage, so they wont fall off. Take them on and off without the need of messy denture adhesives. We make use of imported brands and materials to create the very best snap in dentures for you. For instance, a brand that we use is Intra-Lock USA that provides a great stabilization solution for the people who want a strong and a steady bite. The mini implant dentures are also minimally invasive and do not cause any discomfort or pain. The healing time is also extremely fast. 1800-961-0419