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How much do dentures cost in Canada? – Snap on Dentures Cancun

Posted by Master SOD

While most of our patients come from USA there are also plenty who are worried about how much do dentures cost in Canada. Canada has a different insurance system than in USA, specially on dental care, but there are still many similarities in cost from private dentists.  Some of our oldest and most loyal patients come from Canada. One in particular, our good friend Gerry, has become an outspoken supporter of Snap on Dentures. He got his full set of mini implant dentures about 7 years ago and has been delighted with his new teeth since then. He made the following video for us:



Gerry saved thousands of dollars on dental work to restore his smile. Even though we do not accept insurance, we can provide all the documentation you need to fill any form requirements from your insurance company. Our dentures are adapted with o-rings that ‘snap’ into the heads of mini implants on your gum. This procedure is not popular on USA and Canada because they tend to use only 2 o 4 implants… but we use 8 mini implants per arch to provide an increased stability. No other removable implant denture option will give you as much as snap on dentures in Cancun. The price of two snap in dentures is a fraction of what a single implant denture in USA would cost. We also include 4 extractions per arch done and local anesthesia. In fact you won’t find a better deal than this. If you don’t have a good dental plan, this is the best option for you!



If you want to learn more details about Snap on Dentures, payment options and getting a completely FREE evaluation to see if you are a candidate for this procedure then please contact us at our email, call toll free from USA at 1800-961-0419, send us a Facebook message or fill out the form in the bottom of this page. We will gladly answer any questions you have!

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