After getting you mini implant dentures… eat some tacos in Cancun!

One of the things our patients do as soon as they get to try out their mini implant dentures is to go out to eat everything they have missed. We have had patients who haven’t eaten a cheeseburger in years, or a good steak because their teeth hurt or their old dentures would fall. Luckily for you, we are surrounded by many good restaurants with all kinds of food: Italian, Japanese, American and of course… Mexican food! Obviously, the Taco is the most well known Mexican food around the world, and while the American version of the taco (hard corn shell in a “V”) is not available here, you will surely love the traditional tacos when you eat with your Snap on mini implant Dentures.  The problem now will be to pick from all the variety of Mexican tacos you will find here!  Let us help by giving you a small guide to the most common tacos you can find:


Tacos al pastor – The standard marinated pork taco. Pastor meat is a Mexican version of Shwarma style meat. You can order it “Sin Nada” (no sides) or “Con Todo” (with chopped coriander, onion, and pineapple). Yep, pineapple is part of this dish. An order of tacos al pastor usually consist on 4 or 5 tacos. 
Tacos de bistec – Beef taco, the “basic taco”. Ideal if you don’t feel adventurous to try other type of taco. Get some chopped coriander and onion with a twist of lime. Lime is always an important part of a taco!
Flautas – Our hard shell rolled tacos filled with minced beef meat, chicken or beans.
Tacos de Carnitas – Carnitas are made by braising or simmering pork in oil or preferably lard until tender.  Ask for “maciza” meat which is the leanest variety of the meat. 
Tacos de Canasta – These are considered “breakfast tacos”, and if you see a street-vendor on a table with a basket and a checkered cloth is likely they are selling them! We highly recommend you try them.  Each vendor has their own recipes so some of these could be spicy! 
Now you have something else to look forward to eat with your new mini implant dentures when you come to your dental vacation in Cancun! 

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