Can I get mini implants even if I still have all my teeth?

Can I get mini implants even if I still have all my teeth?

Dentures using mini implants like these are the perfect option for people who have no teeth left in their mouths… but what about people who still have most or several teeth? Those teeth could be all broken or decayed and in need of a complete restoration. Snap on Dentures can be an answer for these cases, but perhaps the dentists will give you another option. Some teeth could be restored with root canals and crowns. There are many patients who only get one set of dentures and the rest of their teeth are given dental crowns. This would be a mixed or combined treatment. 


That’s why many patients first send their x-rays of their mouth, as well as any photos, so our dentists can give them an preliminary evaluation of their case online and a good estimate.  If sending your photos you need to know we would require images from each side of your smile, showing your teeth, as well as front picture, and bottom and top look of your teeth from the inside of your mouth. You should ask someone to help you with these photos to ensure they are well focused and look clear. Try to take the photos on a well lit area with natural light. Blurry or low quality photos are hard to analyse so it is best to take your time to shoot them right. 


If you want to learn more details about Snap on Dentures, payment options and getting a completely FREE evaluation to see if you are a candidate for this procedure then please contact us at our email, call toll free from USA at 1800-961-0419, send us a Facebook message or fill out the form in the bottom of this page. We will gladly answer any questions you have!



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