Are snap on dentures safe? – Mini implant dentures in Cancun


Mini dental implant Snap on Dentures can save you months of bothersome appointments and thousands of dollars when doing them during your vacation in Cancun. They are are pretty safe. They only need a small surgery to get done with only local anesthesia.  Some people might have an adverse reaction to anesthesia and this is why we request your full medical history to minimize any risk that you might be predisposed to. The mini implants themselves are made of titanium, the most biocompatible material for prosthesis in the human body, which allows quick healing and bonding with the bone. 


Obviously, one of the most important things you need to make sure is that the dentist performing the treatment has plenty of experience on mini implants. These are different than regular implants so it might be a factor for the success of your smile makeover. Our dentists have been doing mini implant dentures for about a decade so we have plenty of experience. There are thousands of patients who have restored their smiles with Snap in Dentures. 


The doctor will give you a prescription for antibiotics and over the counter painkillers that can be bought at the nearby drugstore so you won’t have any other problem. 



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