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One of the most important factors you need to take into account when getting mini implants and any other dental implant in general is the presence of bone loss. The doctor will make a thorough evaluation when you arrive to ensure you have enough bone for this procedure. People that decide to get Snap on Dentures usually have lost many if not all of their teeth, which can start a domino effect that leads to accelerated bone loss. Now, depending on the age and gender your the loss varies. Women with osteoporosis are at higher risk, obviously. One of the reasons why implants help with bone loss is to stimulate the bone structure where they are placed like the roots of a real teeth. This doesn’t mean it will achieve to completely stop bone loss. The process might not be able to prevent it totally, but it should help slow it down somewhat. This is why the best option is to get dental implants as soon as one of your teeth falls out, but if you have already lost several teeth then our 8 mini implant dentures will likely be a good option for you. In any case, you should ask this same question to our doctors in person to get a much more detalied explanation about mini implant dentures and prevention.



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