Dental Bridge or Snap in Dentures? – Affordable denture alternative in Cancun

Some people don’t want to get dentures when they still have a few teeth left, instead hoping to get a fixed dental bridge. The problem with fixed bridges is that they usually require at least two strong teeth to use as base to support the crown units. Sadly, for many people this might not be an option as their teeth could be decayed or have structural problems to begin with. Also, a normal porcelain dental bridge must be not too big and might get food stuck under it, even if you use a water irrigator to complement your oral hygiene routine. This is important as it could build up plaque and even affect the support teeth with caries. Of course, there’s also the issue that the bone under the bridge will still recede without the stimulation of the root of the lost teeth.


For patients that are worrying about these issues, Snap on Dentures can be exactly what they need to restore their smiles. Snap in dentures use 8 mini implants on your gum to stay in place so there is no need to use and spend thousands in messy glue over time. These mini implant dentures are removable and should be cleaned after every meal like regular teeth. This avoids food to get stuck and build up plaque on your implants. One of the best things about snap on dentures is that the bone will keep being stimulated by the mini implants and preventing accelerated bone loss. 


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