Can I use my old denture for Snap on Dentures?

Can I use my old denture for Snap on Dentures?

You might want to get the amazing benefits of Snap on Dentures without giving up your previous dentures. Sometimes patients are happy with the way the denture they already have fits their mouth or perhaps they want to save some money by just adapting that one with o-rings without having the make a new one. These are reasonable reasons to keep it. There is a possibility of using your old denture and transform it into a mini implant denture, but our doctor will need to check the denture directly before they can rule its possible. Perhaps it is too thin, or it is not done on the right materials. Our dentists in Cancun will be able to explain the details right there to give you the best option for your case.


Even then, when getting your new denture adapted, you will need to take some of the following considerations:

  • During the first few days after getting your snap on dentures it is important to start by eating soft foods in small quantities. Hard or sticky foods should be avoided at first to provide more time for the bone to get a good hold on the mini implants.
  • You will be given a day to try out your new dentures to make sure they feel good. Don’t hesitate to say if they feel strange! Let us know exactly what you feel so we can adjust it.
  • Your gums should be brushed and cleaned gently after every meal to avoid plaque build up around the mini implants. 
  • Rinse your snap on dentures after every meal to keep them clean. 
  • It might take a while for you to get used to putting them in and taking them out. Relax.


Snap on dentures have changed the life of hundreds of patients who thought they would never smile or eat normally again. Contact us for more information about prices and appointments here. 

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