Snap on Dentures and Titanium Mini Dental Implants

A lot of our patients have told us that they don’t feel like if they have implants in their mouths. So you really don’t have to worry if you think that snap in dentures is going to be a painful process that will take a lot of your time. It will be a minor surgery for placing the mini implants.

The good thing is that titanium is the best material implants are made of. The degree of purity determines physicochemical characteristics that modify its hardness, resistance, etc. However, it is the combination of many features that make an implant work better. Biocompatibility is a very important factor to give the bone the best chance to heal and accept any kind of implant. Luckily for you, Titanium has all the characteristic necessary to avoid being targeted as a ‘foreign body’. This is why most bone replacements in the medical field are made of titanium.

If you decided to get snap on dentures in the first place because some or most of your teeth were missing or severe damaged, then you will be able to speak and eat normally by the end of your vacation in Cancun for how easy it is to get Snap on Dentures. Our patients have been impressed over and over again by the efficiency of our dental clinic to make mini implant dentures in less than 8 working days. You will be able to enjoy your vacation in Cancun without problems!

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