Snap On Dentures

These mini implant dentures will change your life in only 8 days during your vacation in Cancun. Doctor German Arzate has improved the concept of affordable implant dentures by using 8 mini implants per arch of Snap on Dentures. These mini implants will provide the anchoring and stability that you were looking for to smile and eat confidently, making them the perfect choice for patients that have few or not teeth left. You will be able to eat solid foods again without the need of worrying about shifting dentures or pain. Snap on Dentures in Cancun have helped hundreds of American and Canadian patients. Our doctors are experts and specialists on dental implants; they speak English so they can explain to you every detail of your treatment. These Snap in Dentures cost up to 70% less than other dental implant dentures in USA.

How do Snap On Dentures work?

Snap on Dentures work on a very easy way. The first day, you will get any other remaining teeth extracted and the mini dental implants placed on the bone of the gums. Their rounded head will serve to 'connect' with the o-rings that have been adapted into the new Snap in Denture without roof the palate. This way you can put it and take it off after every meal to rinse it and clean it without worrying about messy glues. 

Advantages of Snap on Dentures


Snap on Dentures don't require dentistry sedation (but it still can be optional) and can be done only with local anesthesia.  Placing the mini dental implants it's easy and quick. Our expert dentists in Cancun will make sure you feel at ease during the procedure.  


The overall time needed to finish Snap on Dentures in Cancun is about 8 days. Your first visit will only take a few hours of your vacation and by the end of the week you should be able to bite on food again! You won't have to wait months to show off your new smile!


Snap on Dentures have improved primary stability compared to regular dentures and other implant dentures in USA. We use 8 mini implants per arch to provide superior anchoring so you can bite on your favorite food again. You can have a complete healthy diet again!


Regular dentures have an acrylic roof that changes the way you taste food, as your tongue is in constant contact with the plastic. Getting Snap in Dentures in Cancun solves that problem. It doesn't have a roof so you are able to simply enjoy the real flavors of your meal.


You will be able to choose exactly how your new smile is going to look like. You will decide on the size, shape and color of your new teeth with the assistance of our cosmetic experts! You won't need a reason to smile on your photos!


These affordable mini implant dentures are convenient! Forget about all that messy glue on regular old dentures. Snap on dentures are removable and can be placed back in just seconds. No more embarrassing denture accidents! 


Implant dentures cost a lot in USA and Canada, reaching over $60,000 USD. Our mini implant snap in dentures are just a fraction of that amount and are made with high quality FDA approved materials, the same ones you would find in USA.


Getting snap on dentures gives a chance to enjoy Cancun! Relax on the beach, explore Mayan archaeological sites, go on a jungle tour adventure, swim with dolphins, try traditional Mexican food or simply rest on your hotel!  


Happy Patients


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